Air Force Falcons (1-9)

Head Coach: Jasper Bradford

Mountain West ( Mountain Division )
New Mexico Lobos54.5561742553-12-35-14-0W3
Boise State Broncos64.6002732253-13-34-33-2W1
Utah State Aggies45.4442182252-22-34-32-3W1
Colorado State Rams45.4442382532-32-23-42-3L2
Wyoming Cowboys37.3002392932-11-63-42-3L1
Air Force Falcons19.1001793290-41-51-61-3L1

Team News
Week 16, 2058: Mark Neuman has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Jefferey Lewis has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Heriberto Gould has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Bryce Espinosa has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Raymon Seal has decided to transfer.

Fitzsimmons, L.GGroin PullProbable
Lassiter, K.CBPatella TendinitisProbable
Sawyer, O.TTurf ToeProbable
Rankin, T.CPulled HamstringProbable
Gross, R.GJammed ToeQuestionable
O'Keefe, A.CRuptured Disc (Back)Questionable

Team Transactions
Week 1, 2059: Rodney Lawrence - LB ( 1 Star / Rank: 3662 ) committed to Air Force Falcons
Week 1, 2059: Michael Cass - K ( 2 Star / Rank: 3181 ) committed to Air Force Falcons
Week 1, 2059: Fred Sanchez - LB ( 1 Star / Rank: 3835 ) committed to Air Force Falcons
Week 11, 2059: Wallace Lockhart - RB ( 3 Star / Rank: 1606 ) committed to Air Force Falcons
Week 11, 2059: James Bowlin - T ( 3 Star / Rank: 1703 ) committed to Air Force Falcons

Team Stats
Pts (Cnf/Lea)Yds (Cnf/Lea)Rush (Cnf/Lea)Pass (Cnf/Lea)
Offense17.9 (11/116)306.5 (10/109)146.9 (3/36)159.6 (11/122)
Defense32.9 (10/91)442.0 (11/109)138.2 (11/86)303.8 (11/112)

Individual Leaders
Moon, L.34313214682
Orr, L.1527685.16
Spinks, D.2436415.21

1@Army Black Knights L 29-13
2Navy Midshipmen L 55-17
3@Texas AM Aggies L 45-24
4Wyoming Cowboys L 21-14
5@Texas Christian Horned Frogs L 31-24
6@Nevada Wolf Pack L 45-17
7Hawaii Rainbow Warriors L 21-16
8Boise State Broncos L 37-0
9@Colorado State Rams W 44-21
10@Utah State Aggies L 24-10
11New Mexico Lobos  
13Kent State Golden Flashes  

Active Roster
Bergman, A.QBFr (RS)724551876262236522111186
Means, K.QBSo77247665767517945111170
Moon, L.QBSr764853677079278450111163
Gaither, M.RBJr (RS)82798922643018714615441174
Orr, L.RBSr88508126461918977038381192
Coker, A.FBSo687246146134665240431174
Espino, S.FBFr686649154131784033571166
Giroux, J.FBSr (RS)586970138117887120291190
Greenwood, J.FBFr638357136113784526491159
Bryan, M.GSr (RS)787153166127482868821170
Faulk, M.GSr (RS)796656174141511066841172
Fitzsimmons, L.GSr776342158151331283852153
Gross, R.GJr (RS)74736017014961473671143
Temple, G.GJr (RS)776650165138361065892162
Tribble, C.GSr (RS)74913517814033159741151
Harry, E.TFr698162154224441261681170
Hawes, A.TJr768053171126441066801166
Munson, T.TFr718140178145342066641148
Sawyer, O.TSr799342363144551468771175
O'Keefe, A.CSr829365159135621578701369
Osborne, R.CSr79926116412951976641183
Rankin, T.CFr (RS)646953149119641964531163
Bradford, R.TESr874860250152838947591163
Carrier, A.TESo716748142117496147181186
Parker, A.TEFr694954157349704945531175
Wilkerson, S.TEFr (RS)674650159144565555431180
Cable, T.WRFr68416816711558831391190
Christopher, C.WRFr713162358116748421191159
Clevenger, G.WRSr (RS)76546917013272858181175
Coy, J.WRSo684761153142696426161193
Furr, G.WRJr804682169119836419241188
Hamrick, C.WRSr84478614512887727351193
Heinrich, T.WRFr775393168119766026111163
Kaplan, A.WRFr744175148125678316261198
Matthew, M.WRFr74458916214166692173188
Spinks, D.WRSr804882167115719210163177
Barham, C.CBFr (RS)7651691441238948111153
Butcher, T.CBFr6737691561466434111187
Lang, C.CBFr7052751653526033121176
Lassiter, K.CBSo7330861501406544111174
Machado, W.CBFr (RS)7353731371307254111353
Rivas, V.CBFr6247561521265953113156
Swanson, S.CBSo7754901631456147111170
Wade, A.CBFr7148611571307944211180
Conner, D.LBSr (RS)7767541541775932111168
Gray, E.LBSr7657801761646345111168
Hickman, F.LBSr8257571661906443111170
Jose, W.LBSr8147761681777936111189
Lawrence, R.LBFr6335751361656017111158
Lewis, E.LBFr6750781471566417113162
Sanchez, F.LBFr7459691651744529111186
Smoot, L.LBJr (RS)8352581491868649111171
White, W.LBFr7765661411766131111181
Williams, S.LBSr8570651661925225111180
Fox, W.DTSr (RS)8078382611565740111169
Hulsey, N.DTFr7466451551615115131157
Lacroix, D.DTFr6978311271346542311172
Laird, W.DTFr5963401381403324111149
Luster, R.DTJr (RS)8287411301584521111161
McCormick, T.DTSr8373581551677143111159
Morrill, F.DTFr (RS)7787341391445725111155
White, A.DTFr (RS)5553631371345943111343
Darnell, B.DESr8082591401417437111155
Deberry, A.DEFr7384621581355917111160
Dunn, J.DESr8174431541557146111168
Ivory, J.DEFr7953571561607439111251
Lamb, E.DESo8578581651736230111165
Miller, F.DEJr (RS)7571551581516243111148
Spence, D.DESr (RS)7169531631495028111182
Clemons, D.FSSr7733811531666262111181
Fountain, D.FSJr (RS)7750671533637453112193
Streeter, L.FSJr (RS)7563621401548243111186
Thorne, C.FSSo7964841591756343111194
Tovar, E.FSFr7544791541616746111176
Fitts, T.SSFr (RS)7139591571527462111188
Spellman, S.SSSo7346651481746754111178
Williams, F.SSSo7457601681656563311162
Cass, M.KFr74233730581154620117175100
Lopez, E.KSr (RS)87638117611156511819380
Mclean, J.KSr (RS)8739251669129581113948492
Thomas, A.KSr9135492583231582812888792
Fryer, W.PSo (RS)7263811411164811846589
Pacheco, R.PJr (RS)772656755122642111738680
Walston, P.PFr7715512249123612211827787
Wilbanks, H.PSo (RS)793635863114422811936390
Game Records
Passing Attempts202413Air ForceHorner, B.Louisiana Tech70
Passing Completions202413Air ForceHorner, B.Louisiana Tech48
Pass Completion Pct20181Air ForceDavis, M.Army100
Passing Interceptions20412Air ForceWinters, B.Navy9
Passing Yards20299Air ForceShaw, S.Colorado State629
Passing TDs20467Air ForcePettit, R.Nevada6
Passing Rating20316Air ForceWebb, M.Fresno State545.2
Longest Pass204614Air ForcePettit, R.Texas AM95
Rush Attempts20548Air ForceReichert, D.Fresno State31
Rushing Yards20298Air ForceHedrick, A.Wyoming185
Rushing TDs20247Air ForceSheppard, R.Wyoming4
Longest Run20251Air ForceSheppard, R.Army98
Catches20244Air ForceMitchell, C.Boise State10
Receiving Yards20299Air ForceBritton, M.Colorado State217
Receiving TDs20254Air ForceBeckwith, B.Colorado State4
Longest Catch204614Air ForceBell, G.Texas AM95
Fumbles204913Air ForceTurner, W.Utah State4
Fumbles Lost203210Air ForceFerguson, D.San Diego State2
Interceptions201611Air ForceMenard, J.Wyoming2
Interception Return Yards20194Air ForceCruz, C.Colorado State81
Tackles20239Air ForceWoodworth, M.New Mexico14
Sacks20488Air ForceDaugherty, J.UNLV7
Forced Fumbles20389Air ForceHyde, C.Utah State2
Fumbles Recovered20397Air ForceEverett, R.UNLV3
Fumble Return Yards20523Air ForceSibley, E.Buffalo27
Defensive TDs20167Air ForceSallee, J.San Jose State1
Punt Return Yards20541Air ForceSimmons, M.Army187
Punt Return TDs20264Air ForceCabral, B.Boise State1
Longest Punt Return20509Air ForceGarrison, K.New Mexico96
Kickoff Return Yards20354Air ForceHammer, R.Colorado State250
Kickoff Return TDs20177Air ForceHartwell, N.Boise State1
Longest Kickoff Return20177Air ForceHartwell, N.Boise State108
FG Attempted20452Air ForceCoulter, J.Navy7
FG Made20452Air ForceCoulter, J.Navy7
Longest FG20452Air ForceCoulter, J.Navy62
XP Attempted20305Air ForceHarrison, D.San Jose State9
XP Made20305Air ForceHarrison, D.San Jose State9
FG Pct20165Air ForceUnderwood, K.Nevada100
XP Pct20161Air ForceUnderwood, K.Army100
Punt Average20305Air ForceLoera, H.San Jose State64
Punt Yards20343Air ForceBraden, R.Washington667
Longest Punt202812Air ForceBright, R.San Jose State82
Tackles For Loss20456Air ForcePurcell, M.Fresno State7
Pancakes20456Air ForceMcgee, N.Fresno State21
Sacks Allowed20425Air ForceMann, G.Nevada5

Season Records
Passing Attempts2024Air ForceHorner, B.656
Passing Completions2024Air ForceHorner, B.385
Pass Completion Pct2027Air ForceReaves, J.62.4
Passing Interceptions2036Air ForceBush, J.29
Passing Yards2024Air ForceHorner, B.4782
Passing TDs2027Air ForceReaves, J.33
Passing Rating2046Air ForcePettit, R.171.4
Longest Pass2046Air ForcePettit, R.95
Rush Attempts2054Air ForceReichert, D.298
Rushing Yards2016Air ForceGlynn, C.1405
Rushing TDs2027Air ForceWayne, D.12
Longest Run2025Air ForceSheppard, R.98
Catches2024Air ForceMitchell, C.99
Receiving Yards2032Air ForceMaxey, B.1569
Receiving TDs2026Air ForceBeckwith, B.12
Longest Catch2046Air ForceBell, G.95
Fumbles2049Air ForceHoward, K.13
Fumbles Lost2049Air ForceHoward, K.7
Interceptions2034Air ForceSchweitzer, N.8
Interception Return Yards2053Air ForceTanner, H.211
Tackles2016Air ForceMontgomery, C.105
Sacks2048Air ForceDaugherty, J.15
Forced Fumbles2041Air ForceWashington, D.6
Fumbles Recovered2041Air ForceWashington, D.5
Fumble Return Yards2040Air ForceSteen, D.37
Defensive TDs2031Air ForceHobbs, J.2
Punt Return Yards2056Air ForceGil, K.706
Punt Return TDs2034Air ForceHammer, R.2
Longest Punt Return2050Air ForceGarrison, K.96
Kickoff Return Yards2023Air ForceRedmond, A.1182
Kickoff Return TDs2041Air ForcePettis, A.2
Longest Kickoff Return2017Air ForceHartwell, N.108
FG Attempted2055Air ForceLopez, E.37
FG Made2055Air ForceLopez, E.30
Longest FG2045Air ForceCoulter, J.62
XP Attempted2027Air ForceFord, M.65
XP Made2027Air ForceFord, M.64
FG Pct2040Air ForceCooper, D.95
XP Pct2032Air ForceBoyd, C.100
Punt Average2037Air ForceWashington, M.50.5
Punt Yards2035Air ForceBraden, R.5915
Longest Punt2028Air ForceBright, R.82
Tackles For Loss2035Air ForceThompson, L.13
Pancakes2045Air ForceMcgee, N.103
Sacks Allowed2042Air ForceMann, G.16

Bowl Records
Passing Attempts2032Air ForceGillespie, R.52
Passing Completions2029Air ForceShaw, S.30
Pass Completion Pct2023Air ForceHorner, B.100
Passing Interceptions2027Air ForceReaves, J.1
Passing Yards2046Air ForcePettit, R.401
Passing TDs2027Air ForceReaves, J.4
Passing Rating2023Air ForceWhite, W.248.6
Longest Pass2019Air ForceGalindo, J.76
Rush Attempts2019Air ForceMartinez, M.27
Rushing Yards2023Air ForceHays, G.174
Rushing TDs2023Air ForceHays, G.3
Longest Run2023Air ForceHays, G.64
Catches2027Air ForceMarler, S.8
Receiving Yards2046Air ForceBronson, S.154
Receiving TDs2027Air ForceBeckwith, B.2
Longest Catch2019Air ForceClark, B.76
Fumbles2051Air ForceTurner, W.3
Fumbles Lost2019Air ForceMartinez, M.1
Interceptions2019Air ForceColbert, H.2
Interception Return Yards2019Air ForceTaggart, K.57
Tackles2023Air ForceWoodworth, M.13
Sacks2046Air ForceSchilling, C.2
Forced Fumbles2019Air ForceRuff, W.1
Fumbles Recovered2027Air ForceStroud, R.1
Fumble Return Yards2027Air ForceStroud, R.15
Defensive TDs2019Air ForceTaggart, K.1
Punt Return Yards2046Air ForcePogue, K.68
Punt Return TDs0N/AN/A0
Longest Punt Return2023Air ForceRoberts, L.67
Kickoff Return Yards2029Air ForceOrellana, W.160
Kickoff Return TDs2027Air ForceBostick, R.1
Longest Kickoff Return2027Air ForceBostick, R.101
FG Attempted2032Air ForceBoyd, C.5
FG Made2032Air ForceBoyd, C.4
Longest FG2029Air ForceHarrison, D.52
XP Attempted2023Air ForceMoody, R.7
XP Made2023Air ForceMoody, R.7
FG Pct2023Air ForceMoody, R.100
XP Pct2019Air ForceMorris, J.100
Punt Average2032Air ForceLoera, H.54.3
Punt Yards2057Air ForceNull, R.396
Longest Punt2058Air ForceNull, R.68
Tackles For Loss2046Air ForceSchilling, C.4
Pancakes2045Air ForceKelly, M.13
Sacks Allowed2032Air ForceLittle, J.2

Career Records
Passing Attempts2035Air ForceGillespie, R.1476
Passing Completions2035Air ForceGillespie, R.822
Pass Completion Pct2027Air ForceReaves, J.59.6
Passing Interceptions2037Air ForceBush, J.51
Passing Yards2035Air ForceGillespie, R.9265
Passing TDs2027Air ForceReaves, J.60
Passing Rating2016Air ForceO'Bryan, J.152.9
Longest Pass2046Air ForcePettit, R.95
Rush Attempts2021Air ForceMartinez, M.952
Rushing Yards2021Air ForceMartinez, M.4625
Rushing TDs2026Air ForceSheppard, R.36
Longest Run2025Air ForceSheppard, R.98
Catches2028Air ForceMarler, S.285
Receiving Yards2028Air ForceBeckwith, B.5049
Receiving TDs2028Air ForceBeckwith, B.39
Longest Catch2046Air ForceBell, G.95
Fumbles2050Air ForceHoward, K.38
Fumbles Lost2050Air ForceHoward, K.19
Interceptions2034Air ForceSchweitzer, N.13
Interception Return Yards2034Air ForceSchweitzer, N.286
Tackles2025Air ForceWoodworth, M.311
Sacks2050Air ForceDaugherty, J.36
Forced Fumbles2042Air ForceTate, P.12
Fumbles Recovered2050Air ForceHoward, K.10
Fumble Return Yards2045Air ForceKane, C.51
Defensive TDs2034Air ForceSchweitzer, N.4
Punt Return Yards2058Air ForceGil, K.2249
Punt Return TDs2034Air ForceHammer, R.2
Longest Punt Return2050Air ForceGarrison, K.96
Kickoff Return Yards2038Air ForceCallahan, J.3802
Kickoff Return TDs2042Air ForcePettis, A.3
Longest Kickoff Return2017Air ForceHartwell, N.108
FG Attempted2028Air ForceFord, M.97
FG Made2028Air ForceFord, M.74
Longest FG2045Air ForceCoulter, J.62
XP Attempted2028Air ForceFord, M.179
XP Made2028Air ForceFord, M.178
FG Pct2040Air ForceCooper, D.83.9
XP Pct0N/AN/A0
Punt Average2037Air ForceWashington, M.50.5
Punt Yards2054Air ForceKenyon, R.18125
Longest Punt2028Air ForceBright, R.82
Tackles For Loss2045Air ForcePurcell, M.44
Pancakes2046Air ForceMcgee, N.301
Sacks Allowed2045Air ForceMann, G.42


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