Ohio State Buckeyes (9-4)

Head Coach: Israel Davis

Big Ten ( East Division )
#1 Maryland Terrapins1601.00076130710-06-09-06-0W16
#12 Michigan Wolverines113.7866873047-04-37-15-1W1
#18 Rutgers Scarlet Knights103.7694503225-25-15-33-3L1
Michigan State Spartans76.5383263765-22-44-43-3W2
Ohio State Buckeyes94.6925103128-01-44-43-3L1
Penn State Nittany Lions49.3082655824-40-52-61-5L1
Indiana Hoosiers58.3853554844-31-52-60-6L1

Team News
Week 16, 2057: William Burrow has decided to leave early and enter the pro draft.
Week 16, 2057: Melvin Sumner has decided to leave early and enter the pro draft.
Week 2, 2058: Lawson, S. - QB won Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week.
Week 3, 2058: Dick Castro has recovered from his injury
Week 3, 2058: Virgilio Moore has recovered from his injury
Week 4, 2058: Bowden, B. - CB won Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week.
Week 8, 2058: Joseph Ivey has recovered from his injury
Week 9, 2058: Ken Haley has recovered from his injury
Week 9, 2058: Hackett, K. - RB won Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week.


Team Transactions
Week 1, 2058: Javier Florence - RB ( 4 Star / Rank: 210 ) committed to Ohio State Buckeyes

Team Stats
Pts (Cnf/Lea)Yds (Cnf/Lea)Rush (Cnf/Lea)Pass (Cnf/Lea)
Offense39.2 (3/9)446.0 (4/22)140.5 (6/34)305.5 (6/28)
Defense24.0 (5/31)389.2 (8/67)108.4 (4/43)280.8 (11/92)

Individual Leaders
Lawson, S.309154357434
Hackett, K.27513414.915
Pauley, N.3489226.210

1Troy Trojans W 38-14
2Akron Zips W 87-14
3San Diego State Aztecs W 30-14
4Rutgers Scarlet Knights W 32-20
5@Michigan State Spartans L 34-27
6Purdue Boilermakers W 45-28
7@Maryland Terrapins L 42-6
9Penn State Nittany Lions W 58-4
10Indiana Hoosiers W 48-27
12@Nebraska Cornhuskers L 44-27
14Tulane Green Wave W 31-3
15@Michigan Wolverines L 45-35

Active Roster
Chappell, J.QBSo80434989816812714111168
Gooding, A.QBJr79495683668730496111165
Lawson, S.QBSr (RS)89575885898367016111194
Park, R.QBSo (RS)895963669293167323111185
Peters, D.QBSo756870749057235412211176
Dobbs, A.RBSr (RS)85548330363243946723311173
Florence, J.RBFr (RS)90599021512621946333271178
Hackett, K.RBJr94748416611443956923211190
Lewis, M.RBSo (RS)82737026713218717336361192
McCabe, E.RBSo7864923581021596444291168
Smith, T.RBSo7676613601612755923441170
Aragon, J.FBJr (RS)655844164126833327581172
O'Keefe, T.FBSr (RS)748739168126746023661158
Casey, M.GJr (RS)739241149324342575681175
Cline, J.GJr747857162121332289671147
Grimm, D.GJr81866116613763581701180
Howell, G.GSo (RS)737649154133452985641380
Linville, J.GSo (RS)807342170120331383841154
Murray, A.GSo (RS)797334158120631576831150
Salerno, E.GJr (RS)86935317014561677801178
Scott, D.GSr758045160141511276721159
Bickford, J.TSo738649158142631964641171
Combs, S.TSo (RS)748943173237382766701155
Falcon, R.TSr (RS)756758156138462971831170
Haley, K.TSo (RS)828762158222621482591181
Jett, H.TSo (RS)85914917313453476841164
Rader, S.TJr757149169128503163881175
Rosenthal, F.TJr797651171142392582711154
Tatum, R.TSo (RS)809336170235362287561148
Merrill, D.CSo82875817414642368781177
Moeller, G.CJr787646164146441288691156
Phelan, J.CJr766361155147641978711164
Pauley, N.TESr (RS)906852171120897554291179
Tanner, R.TESr (RS)86466616012679865291194
Toliver, G.TEFr (RS)784072156124667452361166
Carmichael, J.WRSr786383155128707616241185
Cuellar, M.WRSr (RS)8130921551388865261168
Moore, V.WRSr815269166331907210151168
Ngo, S.WRJr (RS)835689148125787429381188
Orosco, M.WRSr82598115813088652251173
Pitts, A.WRJr (RS)8150791501581822181178
Pruitt, C.WRSr (RS)796274167138836812111176
Siler, L.WRSo (RS)846394169143807024311172
Bowden, B.CBSo9235841361609459111183
Drake, J.CBSr (RS)9143931571598455211191
Hastings, K.CBJr8252691441567268111188
Chambers, P.LBSo7946821651708530111169
Colwell, E.LBJr (RS)7841721651866553311156
Hadley, H.LBSr8145651641799045111167
Ivey, J.LBJr8350691471828845111179
Mooney, P.LBJr (RS)7946662731856150111182
Moran, P.LBSr (RS)8141761671906636111185
Palmer, J.LBJr (RS)7651611581757055111180
Tiller, J.LBFr (RS)7654681501638352311185
Winter, V.LBJr7853801551628748111166
Wolfe, K.LBJr (RS)9070701651887830111176
Chaney, E.DTJr9290621541677240111160
Hall, T.DTSo8172431601646946211253
Mickens, B.DTSr8687551491614644131168
Pino, M.DTSr (RS)8273631353656634111180
Prosser, J.DTSr (RS)8176361541626648113152
Staton, D.DTSr (RS)8781471581715548111151
Treadwell, E.DTJr (RS)9089521381694620111180
Berg, J.DESr (RS)8581621691606624111175
Castro, D.DESr (RS)7963661581566431111171
Lane, D.DESo (RS)8680561641646940111166
Womack, B.DESo8270681461685843111174
Wright, M.DEFr (RS)8664623691707236111159
Fryer, M.FSSo8746881612648159111175
Gladney, P.FSSo (RS)8555751551687763111195
Sanchez, J.FSSo (RS)8064761651497948112164
Savage, M.FSSr9043891711718756111168
Barber, J.SSSo8049871581616668111176
Cave, R.SSJr (RS)8074611411786660111181
Christian, J.SSSr8569911331587533111186
Kilpatrick, G.SSJr7975851443565648111189
Stevens, J.SSFr (RS)7465681463736035111193
Soto, J.KSo8216353150173528118593100
Watson, J.KSr (RS)82335317219342711649398
Carbajal, C.PSr8442431665124719118582100
Hein, M.PSo (RS)801957315713367911937075
Johnson, D.PSo (RS)792044545115551911858691
Game Records
Passing Attempts20329Ohio StateThomas, E.Michigan State63
Passing Completions20329Ohio StateThomas, E.Michigan State38
Pass Completion Pct201612Ohio StateCalhoun, B.Colorado100
Passing Interceptions202710Ohio StateLovell, L.Purdue5
Passing Yards20261Ohio StateBeach, R.Troy791
Passing TDs20261Ohio StateBeach, R.Troy10
Passing Rating20301Ohio StateThomas, E.Baylor1102
Longest Pass20361Ohio StateSpears, J.Western Kentucky95
Rush Attempts20190Ohio StateCulver, N.Maryland48
Rushing Yards20190Ohio StateCulver, N.Maryland271
Rushing TDs20180Ohio StateMarshall, M.Georgia Tech5
Longest Run20260Ohio StateCard, C.Middle Tennessee89
Catches20278Ohio StateParker, S.Michigan State12
Receiving Yards20232Ohio StateJohnson, F.Old Dominion324
Receiving TDs201614Ohio StateBrown, K.Army4
Longest Catch20361Ohio StateHawks, T.Western Kentucky95
Fumbles20264Ohio StateCard, C.Michigan State4
Fumbles Lost20264Ohio StateCard, C.Michigan State4
Interceptions202115Ohio StateRouse, H.Michigan5
Interception Return Yards205711Ohio StateBowden, B.Wisconsin128
Tackles205510Ohio StateWhalen, W.Maryland14
Sacks204911Ohio StateSmith, J.Louisville6
Forced Fumbles205611Ohio StateKendall, L.Wisconsin3
Fumbles Recovered20449Ohio StateBills, B.Indiana3
Fumble Return Yards20329Ohio StateRivera, D.Michigan State34
Defensive TDs20533Ohio StateHampton, J.South Alabama2
Punt Return Yards20582Ohio StateCuellar, M.Akron185
Punt Return TDs203212Ohio StateMoreau, F.Purdue2
Longest Punt Return205610Ohio StateCuellar, M.Maryland90
Kickoff Return Yards205610Ohio StateSumner, M.Maryland257
Kickoff Return TDs20173Ohio StateBarclay, J.Memphis1
Longest Kickoff Return202510Ohio StateBoles, C.Maryland108
FG Attempted20175Ohio StateCates, J.Indiana7
FG Made20466Ohio StateMixon, M.Illinois7
Longest FG20203Ohio StateRicci, R.Louisiana Lafayette63
XP Attempted202614Ohio StateSwan, D.Kent State12
XP Made202614Ohio StateSwan, D.Kent State12
FG Pct20161Ohio StateLugo, A.Middle Tennessee100
XP Pct20163Ohio StateLugo, A.Pittsburgh100
Punt Average20188Ohio StateMiller, C.Michigan State66.5
Punt Yards20367Ohio StateDavis, S.Maryland614
Longest Punt20298Ohio StateBarnes, P.Penn State76
Tackles For Loss20267Ohio StateSanders, W.Rutgers6
Pancakes205710Ohio StateWeiss, J.Maryland21
Sacks Allowed204410Ohio StateRhodes, O.Maryland4

Season Records
Passing Attempts2027Ohio StateLovell, L.588
Passing Completions2022Ohio StateEpstein, J.369
Pass Completion Pct2032Ohio StateDangelo, S.69.9
Passing Interceptions2027Ohio StateLovell, L.19
Passing Yards2025Ohio StateBeach, R.5913
Passing TDs2025Ohio StateBeach, R.68
Passing Rating2026Ohio StateBeach, R.204.5
Longest Pass2036Ohio StateSpears, J.95
Rush Attempts2019Ohio StateCulver, N.401
Rushing Yards2019Ohio StateCulver, N.2091
Rushing TDs2037Ohio StateSpangler, D.22
Longest Run2026Ohio StateCard, C.89
Catches2022Ohio StateJohnson, F.109
Receiving Yards2022Ohio StateJohnson, F.2236
Receiving TDs2022Ohio StateJohnson, F.28
Longest Catch2036Ohio StateHawks, T.95
Fumbles2044Ohio StateBills, B.17
Fumbles Lost2046Ohio StateHurt, L.9
Interceptions2035Ohio StateRivera, D.12
Interception Return Yards2032Ohio StateKing, S.234
Tackles2019Ohio StateFreed, J.97
Sacks2017Ohio StateHamilton, B.16
Forced Fumbles2036Ohio StateHolt, V.6
Fumbles Recovered2044Ohio StateBills, B.7
Fumble Return Yards2038Ohio StatePresley, R.49
Defensive TDs2033Ohio StateRivera, D.3
Punt Return Yards2052Ohio StateMcCartney, P.654
Punt Return TDs2018Ohio StatePinkerton, J.2
Longest Punt Return2056Ohio StateCuellar, M.90
Kickoff Return Yards2016Ohio StateBrown, K.1202
Kickoff Return TDs2025Ohio StateGodinez, R.3
Longest Kickoff Return2025Ohio StateBoles, C.108
FG Attempted2022Ohio StateStone, J.46
FG Made2022Ohio StateStone, J.41
Longest FG2020Ohio StateRicci, R.63
XP Attempted2025Ohio StateGonzalez, M.102
XP Made2023Ohio StateGonzalez, M.99
FG Pct2030Ohio StateMancini, R.92
XP Pct2019Ohio StateRicci, R.100
Punt Average2032Ohio StateRichardson, R.62
Punt Yards2036Ohio StateDavis, S.4092
Longest Punt2029Ohio StateBarnes, P.76
Tackles For Loss2028Ohio StateTate, W.23
Pancakes2057Ohio StateWeiss, J.146
Sacks Allowed2025Ohio StateEllis, I.9

Bowl Records
Passing Attempts2022Ohio StateEpstein, J.56
Passing Completions2020Ohio StateShaffer, J.35
Pass Completion Pct2016Ohio StateCalhoun, B.100
Passing Interceptions2031Ohio StateThomas, E.3
Passing Yards2022Ohio StateEpstein, J.527
Passing TDs2026Ohio StateBeach, R.8
Passing Rating2016Ohio StateCalhoun, B.392.5
Longest Pass2016Ohio StateFrick, F.89
Rush Attempts2019Ohio StateCulver, N.48
Rushing Yards2019Ohio StateCulver, N.271
Rushing TDs2018Ohio StateMarshall, M.5
Longest Run2026Ohio StateCard, C.89
Catches2022Ohio StateWinfrey, J.9
Receiving Yards2025Ohio StateParker, S.239
Receiving TDs2021Ohio StateJohnson, F.4
Longest Catch2016Ohio StateGonzalez, M.89
Fumbles2034Ohio StateBarrett, T.2
Fumbles Lost2018Ohio StateCulver, N.1
Interceptions2052Ohio StateWorden, G.3
Interception Return Yards2052Ohio StateWorden, G.70
Tackles2056Ohio StateDrake, J.13
Sacks2030Ohio StateHay, D.2
Forced Fumbles2037Ohio StateBarker, D.2
Fumbles Recovered2034Ohio StateMckinney, T.2
Fumble Return Yards2038Ohio StateArnold, M.14
Defensive TDs2021Ohio StateYarbrough, T.1
Punt Return Yards2042Ohio StateBoyd, R.182
Punt Return TDs2052Ohio StateMcCartney, P.1
Longest Punt Return2056Ohio StateCuellar, M.76
Kickoff Return Yards2020Ohio StateHood, E.190
Kickoff Return TDs2025Ohio StateBoles, C.1
Longest Kickoff Return2030Ohio StateRoberts, J.107
FG Attempted2021Ohio StateGonzalez, M.5
FG Made2022Ohio StateStone, J.5
Longest FG2018Ohio StateCates, J.62
XP Attempted2026Ohio StateSwan, D.12
XP Made2026Ohio StateSwan, D.12
FG Pct2016Ohio StateLugo, A.100
XP Pct2016Ohio StateLugo, A.100
Punt Average2029Ohio StateBarnes, P.57
Punt Yards2049Ohio StateWelsh, J.604
Longest Punt2039Ohio StateBadillo, A.71
Tackles For Loss2019Ohio StateWoodard, J.5
Pancakes2055Ohio StateWeiss, J.16
Sacks Allowed2053Ohio StateHerman, M.3

Career Records
Passing Attempts2021Ohio StateShaffer, J.2191
Passing Completions2021Ohio StateShaffer, J.1409
Pass Completion Pct2032Ohio StateDangelo, S.69.9
Passing Interceptions2021Ohio StateShaffer, J.54
Passing Yards2030Ohio StateLovell, L.21487
Passing TDs2030Ohio StateLovell, L.237
Passing Rating2032Ohio StateDangelo, S.203.6
Longest Pass2036Ohio StateSpears, J.95
Rush Attempts2021Ohio StateCulver, N.1257
Rushing Yards2021Ohio StateCulver, N.6434
Rushing TDs2042Ohio StateRamsay, G.59
Longest Run2026Ohio StateCard, C.89
Catches2024Ohio StateJohnson, F.330
Receiving Yards2024Ohio StateJohnson, F.7612
Receiving TDs2028Ohio StateParker, S.89
Longest Catch2036Ohio StateHawks, T.95
Fumbles2044Ohio StateBills, B.42
Fumbles Lost2044Ohio StateBills, B.19
Interceptions2035Ohio StateRivera, D.32
Interception Return Yards2035Ohio StateRivera, D.628
Tackles2054Ohio StateFogarty, P.339
Sacks2031Ohio StateFrick, K.38
Forced Fumbles2037Ohio StateHolt, V.17
Fumbles Recovered2044Ohio StateBills, B.12
Fumble Return Yards2037Ohio StateHolt, V.64
Defensive TDs2055Ohio StateMorin, K.6
Punt Return Yards2036Ohio StateSimons, E.1356
Punt Return TDs2032Ohio StateMoreau, F.3
Longest Punt Return2056Ohio StateCuellar, M.90
Kickoff Return Yards2023Ohio StateHood, E.3639
Kickoff Return TDs2023Ohio StateHood, E.3
Longest Kickoff Return2025Ohio StateBoles, C.108
FG Attempted2052Ohio StateHoover, D.114
FG Made2052Ohio StateHoover, D.95
Longest FG2020Ohio StateRicci, R.63
XP Attempted2025Ohio StateGonzalez, M.348
XP Made2025Ohio StateGonzalez, M.345
FG Pct2016Ohio StateLugo, A.91.7
XP Pct2023Ohio StateGonzalez, M.100
Punt Average2032Ohio StateRichardson, R.62
Punt Yards2054Ohio StateVasquez, S.14673
Longest Punt2029Ohio StateBarnes, P.76
Tackles For Loss2028Ohio StateTate, W.58
Pancakes2057Ohio StateWeiss, J.417
Sacks Allowed2057Ohio StateBurrow, W.19


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