North Carolina State Wolfpack (0-0)

Head Coach: Noel Powers

Atlantic Coast ( Atlantic Division )
#6 Florida State Seminoles00.000000-00-00-00-0--
#12 Clemson Tigers00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Louisville Cardinals00.000000-00-00-00-0--
North Carolina State Wolfpack00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Wake Forest Demon Deacons00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Syracuse Orange00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Boston College Eagles00.000000-00-00-00-0--

Team News
Week 16, 2058: Joshua Hurst has decided to leave early and enter the pro draft.
Week 16, 2058: John Oswald has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Blair Smith has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Ryan Rosenthal has decided to transfer.


Team Transactions
Week 1, 2059: Thomas Aguilera has signed a contract extension for $3,500,000 over 4 years.
Week 1, 2059: William August - WR ( 3 Star / Rank: 851 ) committed to North Carolina State Wolfpack

Team Stats
Pts (Cnf/Lea)Yds (Cnf/Lea)Rush (Cnf/Lea)Pass (Cnf/Lea)
Offense0.0 (5/5)0.0 (5/5)0.0 (5/5)0.0 (5/5)
Defense0.0 (5/5)0.0 (5/5)0.0 (5/5)0.0 (5/5)

Individual Leaders
Arnold, T.0000
Arnold, T.0000
Arnold, T.0000

1@East Carolina Pirates (0-0) 
3Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (0-0) 
4Louisville Cardinals (0-0) 
5@Virginia Tech Hokies (0-0) 
6@Clemson Tigers (0-0) 
7Syracuse Orange (0-0) 
8@Wake Forest Demon Deacons (0-0) 
9@Florida State Seminoles (0-0) 
10Pittsburgh Panthers (0-0) 
11Boston College Eagles (0-0) 
13@Florida Atlantic Owls (0-0) 
14@San Diego State Aztecs (0-0) 

Active Roster
Corona, M.QBSr8342476683917721111173
Magee, Q.QBSo (RS)843577718879198928111147
Melvin, F.QBSr (RS)77407373776788650111157
Torres, K.QBSo (RS)85405082908414616111178
Weaver, G.QBSo (RS)82406691817365825112166
Wilder, H.QBJr712764656381164911111166
Browne, E.RBSr (RS)7843809483023875541401162
Nixon, D.RBSo77715726313018886222351175
Berry, A.FBSo (RS)58528031473124926222341178
Hunt, K.FBJr (RS)759065139124747033541162
Lewis, D.FBSo797769150127885344551172
Olson, J.FBFr (RS)827647155118836340651175
Baez, M.GSr788564131131541875801178
Criswell, T.GJr (RS)769159145147351560821170
Kaye, W.TSr (RS)79763213713159882801180
Langer, J.TSo76704315013659271831378
Neal, B.TJr826731147137632487881147
McCarty, C.CJr82846115415247162901152
Wade, H.CSo838042146342571682841159
Mcginnis, P.TEJr706655160122633851471184
Pham, J.TESo966378172135828625201187
Stewart, K.TESo8367692613029954540311183
Creech, P.WRSo804271154141808630131184
High, T.WRJr653764144137618421381154
Plante, D.WRSr (RS)722075154119649216361171
Sayers, J.WRJr81387816811087781371147
Desantis, A.CBSo8935771711599158111159
Elder, P.CBSo9361771701718266111171
Grantham, J.CBSr7935781581517846111168
Mcdaniel, P.CBSr8432661541529160111382
Bunch, D.LBSr (RS)7570871431606241111165
Carpenter, G.LBSo8353711721817648111168
Culver, R.LBJr (RS)8169531511787236111172
Donovan, M.LBJr8350771541798641111171
Haney, N.LBSr (RS)8370721501865739111168
Key, A.LBSr8572641542847050111163
Patterson, R.LBJr8364811661865237311165
Sammons, J.LBSr8152771481748247111286
Stuckey, T.LBJr (RS)8360831511855940111188
Broome, A.DTFr (RS)7371561461485937221174
Jeter, S.DTSo7984331451526728111148
Arnold, T.DEFr (RS)7063311351576226111156
Holloman, H.DESo7060431332406748111160
Ingram, E.DESo (RS)8172671241516933111175
Simon, C.DEFr (RS)7160411451576147111148
Beals, R.FSSr (RS)8843771662738663111175
Lugo, B.FSSo8942821611748856111183
Lugo, O.FSSo8842701551718969211166
McClain, K.FSSr (RS)8220891612667066111142
Benjamin, E.SSSr8340741381718868121150
Fernandez, C.SSSr (RS)7439801551916130111169
Fox, J.SSSo (RS)7818821611758442111175
Godwin, J.SSSo8543881671788043111158
Lynch, E.KSr (RS)792419861125563211709480
Briscoe, I.PFr (RS)8120422870113663111767795
Game Records
Passing Attempts20412North Carolina StateBrower, R.Florida Atlantic62
Passing Completions20176North Carolina StateLessard, W.Louisville43
Pass Completion Pct20173North Carolina StateLessard, W.Louisiana Tech100
Passing Interceptions20315North Carolina StateJansen, F.Duke8
Passing Yards20404North Carolina StateBrower, R.Louisville571
Passing TDs20211North Carolina StateTremblay, G.Temple8
Passing Rating20423North Carolina StateSettles, P.New Mexico State577
Longest Pass20447North Carolina StateSharpe, A.Syracuse99
Rush Attempts205312North Carolina StateStanton, E.Wyoming35
Rushing Yards205515North Carolina StateStanton, E.Duke221
Rushing TDs20251North Carolina StateWalsh, A.Colorado State4
Longest Run20302North Carolina StatePower, J.Florida Atlantic97
Catches201910North Carolina StateRoller, B.Boston College12
Receiving Yards202914North Carolina StateBourgeois, G.New Mexico State215
Receiving TDs20162North Carolina StateWright, H.Maryland3
Longest Catch20447North Carolina StateTodd, B.Syracuse99
Fumbles20555North Carolina StateStanton, E.Virginia Tech5
Fumbles Lost20494North Carolina StateMcAdams, A.Wake Forest4
Interceptions20243North Carolina StateMorrill, E.New Mexico State3
Interception Return Yards20334North Carolina StateNgo, D.Florida State127
Tackles20176North Carolina StateBrewer, G.Louisville16
Sacks20498North Carolina StateMurray, J.Louisville7
Forced Fumbles20247North Carolina StateBroyles, R.Louisville2
Fumbles Recovered20555North Carolina StateStanton, E.Virginia Tech3
Fumble Return Yards204112North Carolina StateMontague, H.Clemson41
Defensive TDs20161North Carolina StateMcdonald, L.Alabama1
Punt Return Yards20513North Carolina StateRicker, J.East Carolina192
Punt Return TDs20513North Carolina StateRicker, J.East Carolina2
Longest Punt Return20506North Carolina StateScott, S.Clemson95
Kickoff Return Yards203713North Carolina StateBolin, R.Illinois221
Kickoff Return TDs20175North Carolina StateMckinnon, R.Pittsburgh1
Longest Kickoff Return20316North Carolina StateAshley, M.Clemson108
FG Attempted20303North Carolina StateBoggs, J.New Mexico State8
FG Made20303North Carolina StateBoggs, J.New Mexico State7
Longest FG20169North Carolina StateTirado, M.Boston College64
XP Attempted20162North Carolina StateMuniz, N.Maryland9
XP Made20162North Carolina StateMuniz, N.Maryland9
FG Pct20161North Carolina StateMuniz, N.Alabama100
XP Pct20161North Carolina StateMuniz, N.Alabama100
Punt Average204211North Carolina StateGilmore, J.Virginia Tech60.2
Punt Yards20319North Carolina StateLester, W.Florida State764
Longest Punt20382North Carolina StateHansen, P.Florida Atlantic73
Tackles For Loss20174North Carolina StateClough, S.Clemson5
Pancakes20503North Carolina StateJones, D.Marshall13
Sacks Allowed20184North Carolina StateDavidson, J.Miami (FL)3

Season Records
Passing Attempts2041North Carolina StateBrower, R.653
Passing Completions2041North Carolina StateBrower, R.381
Pass Completion Pct2019North Carolina StateTremblay, G.66.8
Passing Interceptions2042North Carolina StateSharpe, A.27
Passing Yards2039North Carolina StateBrower, R.4555
Passing TDs2021North Carolina StateTremblay, G.41
Passing Rating2044North Carolina StateSharpe, A.232.8
Longest Pass2044North Carolina StateSharpe, A.99
Rush Attempts2051North Carolina StateEmerson, L.310
Rushing Yards2055North Carolina StateStanton, E.1839
Rushing TDs2053North Carolina StateBarnett, M.15
Longest Run2030North Carolina StatePower, J.97
Catches2021North Carolina StateScribner, B.89
Receiving Yards2028North Carolina StateHare, J.1536
Receiving TDs2021North Carolina StateSpear, T.14
Longest Catch2044North Carolina StateTodd, B.99
Fumbles2057North Carolina StateCorona, M.21
Fumbles Lost2056North Carolina StateOwens, W.8
Interceptions2031North Carolina StateMessenger, C.11
Interception Return Yards2033North Carolina StateNgo, D.212
Tackles2020North Carolina StateHayden, B.97
Sacks2057North Carolina StateCotton, D.14
Forced Fumbles2057North Carolina StateYbarra, F.5
Fumbles Recovered2057North Carolina StateCorona, M.10
Fumble Return Yards2041North Carolina StateMontague, H.46
Defensive TDs2028North Carolina StateFrederick, A.2
Punt Return Yards2054North Carolina StateGibson, H.688
Punt Return TDs2051North Carolina StateRicker, J.3
Longest Punt Return2050North Carolina StateScott, S.95
Kickoff Return Yards2021North Carolina StateSpear, T.1156
Kickoff Return TDs2058North Carolina StateGrooms, S.3
Longest Kickoff Return2031North Carolina StateAshley, M.108
FG Attempted2050North Carolina StateCowley, P.44
FG Made2050North Carolina StateCowley, P.39
Longest FG2016North Carolina StateTirado, M.64
XP Attempted2027North Carolina StateFuqua, W.60
XP Made2027North Carolina StateFuqua, W.58
FG Pct2037North Carolina StateMiner, G.100
XP Pct2028North Carolina StateFuqua, W.100
Punt Average2035North Carolina StateBallard, D.51
Punt Yards2032North Carolina StateLester, W.5028
Longest Punt2038North Carolina StateHansen, P.73
Tackles For Loss2047North Carolina StateSaavedra, R.15
Pancakes2057North Carolina StateMajor, B.89
Sacks Allowed2018North Carolina StateDavidson, J.9

Bowl Records
Passing Attempts2028North Carolina StateVerdin, W.56
Passing Completions2040North Carolina StateBrower, R.37
Pass Completion Pct2028North Carolina StateKrug, M.100
Passing Interceptions2041North Carolina StateBrower, R.3
Passing Yards2039North Carolina StateBrower, R.550
Passing TDs2027North Carolina StateLopes, R.6
Passing Rating2050North Carolina StateFulcher, E.364
Longest Pass2031North Carolina StateJansen, F.67
Rush Attempts2051North Carolina StateTaft, A.25
Rushing Yards2051North Carolina StateTaft, A.144
Rushing TDs2053North Carolina StateBarnett, M.3
Longest Run2035North Carolina StateMiles, M.51
Catches2040North Carolina StateNava, J.11
Receiving Yards2027North Carolina StateBourgeois, G.204
Receiving TDs2027North Carolina StateOrtega, W.3
Longest Catch2031North Carolina StateHare, J.67
Fumbles2050North Carolina StateMcAdams, A.3
Fumbles Lost2050North Carolina StateMcAdams, A.3
Interceptions2031North Carolina StateMessenger, C.3
Interception Return Yards2043North Carolina StateJimenez, D.62
Tackles2047North Carolina StateMoriarty, B.12
Sacks2049North Carolina StateBurns, B.4
Forced Fumbles2028North Carolina StateShaffer, C.1
Fumbles Recovered2053North Carolina StateTaylor, E.2
Fumble Return Yards2053North Carolina StateTaylor, E.31
Defensive TDs2036North Carolina StateCooper, A.1
Punt Return Yards2049North Carolina StateScott, S.68
Punt Return TDs0N/AN/A0
Longest Punt Return2051North Carolina StateTaft, A.59
Kickoff Return Yards2048North Carolina StateTaft, A.128
Kickoff Return TDs2048North Carolina StateTaft, A.1
Longest Kickoff Return2048North Carolina StateTaft, A.100
FG Attempted2044North Carolina StateJacobs, P.5
FG Made2045North Carolina StateLee, B.5
Longest FG2047North Carolina StateNeel, L.53
XP Attempted2027North Carolina StateFuqua, W.8
XP Made2027North Carolina StateFuqua, W.8
FG Pct2027North Carolina StateFuqua, W.100
XP Pct2027North Carolina StateFuqua, W.100
Punt Average2031North Carolina StateTerrill, G.55
Punt Yards2054North Carolina StateMelancon, M.515
Longest Punt2036North Carolina StateSaenz, T.70
Tackles For Loss2047North Carolina StateSaavedra, R.5
Pancakes2058North Carolina StateNeal, B.10
Sacks Allowed2040North Carolina StateMusgrove, G.2

Career Records
Passing Attempts2041North Carolina StateBrower, R.2181
Passing Completions2041North Carolina StateBrower, R.1266
Pass Completion Pct2019North Carolina StateTremblay, G.66.8
Passing Interceptions2041North Carolina StateBrower, R.60
Passing Yards2041North Carolina StateBrower, R.15878
Passing TDs2041North Carolina StateBrower, R.109
Passing Rating2046North Carolina StateLondon, C.166.8
Longest Pass2044North Carolina StateSharpe, A.99
Rush Attempts2056North Carolina StateStanton, E.1010
Rushing Yards2056North Carolina StateStanton, E.5734
Rushing TDs2053North Carolina StateBarnett, M.48
Longest Run2030North Carolina StatePower, J.97
Catches2040North Carolina StateNava, J.256
Receiving Yards2031North Carolina StateHare, J.4725
Receiving TDs2040North Carolina StateTang, P.34
Longest Catch2044North Carolina StateTodd, B.99
Fumbles2050North Carolina StateMcAdams, A.37
Fumbles Lost2050North Carolina StateMcAdams, A.17
Interceptions2034North Carolina StateJackson, R.20
Interception Return Yards2041North Carolina StateQuick, J.378
Tackles2024North Carolina StateIsaacs, T.290
Sacks2051North Carolina StateBurns, B.39
Forced Fumbles2056North Carolina StateMcCartney, W.9
Fumbles Recovered2050North Carolina StateMcAdams, A.16
Fumble Return Yards2046North Carolina StateJimenez, D.51
Defensive TDs2041North Carolina StateQuick, J.4
Punt Return Yards2055North Carolina StateGibson, H.1840
Punt Return TDs2050North Carolina StateScott, S.3
Longest Punt Return2050North Carolina StateScott, S.95
Kickoff Return Yards2038North Carolina StateBolin, R.3858
Kickoff Return TDs2058North Carolina StateGrooms, S.3
Longest Kickoff Return2031North Carolina StateAshley, M.108
FG Attempted2054North Carolina StateReece, I.119
FG Made2054North Carolina StateReece, I.88
Longest FG2016North Carolina StateTirado, M.64
XP Attempted2054North Carolina StateReece, I.189
XP Made2054North Carolina StateReece, I.185
FG Pct2025North Carolina StateMathis, G.90.7
XP Pct2044North Carolina StateJacobs, P.98.9
Punt Average2049North Carolina StateEscalante, E.49.5
Punt Yards2033North Carolina StateLester, W.17323
Longest Punt2038North Carolina StateHansen, P.73
Tackles For Loss2023North Carolina StateMcgehee, J.46
Pancakes2058North Carolina StateMajor, B.263
Sacks Allowed2035North Carolina StateMoran, T.24


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